Paul Brum

Sales Representative

RE/MAX Camosun

About Paul Brum

I was born in London, England with a period of time spent in South Africa. Westshore is my chosen home and place of business alongside my wife Jen and our two children. Our family has a passion for travel and adventure and we have been lucky enough to visit Mexico, Italy, South Africa, Hawaii and many other amazing places over the years. I have cultivated an impressive 30+ years of sales, education, leadership within local and multinational organizations. Throughout my career, I have always kept a pulse on the real estate market and have had an interest and enjoyed success in real estate investment. With this knowledge, love of people and a passion for real estate, I have decided to focus solely on real estate and helping others achieve their real estate goals. With the ability to foster strong relationships with my clients through great instincts and a knowledge of the industry, I have an ability to listen, and a strong intuition that assists people from all walks of life find exactly what they are looking for. I am 100% dedicated to my clients goals and making them a success.

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